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According to IDC*, 72% of employees will be working remotely by 2021.

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* U.S. Mobile Worker Forecast, 2015-2020 (Doc #256194)

A New Study Reveals Why Working From Home Makes Employees More Productive

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In-office workers were 17 percentage points more likely than remote employees to avoid working when their screen time or mouse movements were being tracked.

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We Make It Simple For Your Team To Get Things Done.

Using the right tools, being effective and efficient is the way things get done. We help your team get started, working productive as individuals and as teams. We train your teams on best practices and monitor meetings to solidify the behaviors.

Get the Right Tools SETUP

There are a lot of options. We listen to your needs and identify the set of tools you need, as well as what you don't need, nor need to pay for. As with any 'job', the right set of tools makes a big difference.

Get the Right Set of Tools
Get your team TRAINED

Modern day software allows us to do a lot, and this can create new problems when your team doesn't use them consistently. Experts use shortcuts, newbies can get frustrated. The right training connects your team.

Train your Team to Work Together
Monitor and FEEDBACK

Monitoring best practices and opportunities enables your team to improve every day. Feedback channels, created for groups and individuals, quickly improve effectiveness and efficiency of online collaborations.

Get Better with Feedback

Let's Get This Started!

As is often true with business and life, where you start and the foundation you create often determines the outcomes. We don't want you to go through weeks or months of trial and error. Errors in human communication and collaboration hurts your business.

We often find the smallest action can determine the correct path. We'd like to talk with you about how not only to prevent problems, but enhance your business. Many have found GoingOnline™ helps their business. It has been proven that working from home or remote location CAN improve productivity, but done wrong, it can hurt your business.

Our Goal is to get you started right, train your team and followup to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their work day, impacting directly your business' future.

About GoingOnline™

We are a worldwide group of consultants that help business not only survive, but thrive. Our expertise comes from our own collaboration, maximizing features within online tools, defining process that works, collecting best practices, and even worst practices.

Our team has been together since 2005. We have benefited from being remote AND our online productivity. We spend less time in our cars, more time with our families, with our hobbies and helping others.

The first consultation is free. We will share ideas you can do right away; try them, get back to us. Or, we can get you started right. It is our goal to have you experience what we already know; more time, more productive.